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End of the project “Support to Stateless Roma Population in Georgia”

On October 31, 2019, Human Rights Development Fund (HRDF) ended the project – “Support to Stateless Roma Population in Georgia”. The project was implemented within the local small-scale project framework of the Transition Promotion Program of Czech Republic.

The project differed from previous ones so that, here we mainly focused on the raising awareness and access of Roma population to the state provided services. However, during the project period our lawyer and project consultant have worked on the identification documentation cases too.

Despite the short-term period, HRDF managed to reach excellent results in working with Roma population. More in detailed, within several months our dedicated co-workers helped 7 persons in obtaining the ID documents; restoring property rights on one case, getting social status in 3 cases (2 of the beneficiaries receive financial social benefits). We helped a lady in getting single parent’s status. And the most significant achievement was that, due to this project, more than 30 Roma people are now well aware about the social services offered within the state programs

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the access to the state programs is connected to the financial issues, like:

  • In order to register property, a person should pay for the Measurement-cadastral drawing;
  • if the Roma wants to register his/her child in the sport, music, art or another circle for the vulnerable children, they have to provide medical certificate (form #100) for each child, which they have to pay (doctor visit at minimum);
  • in order to obtain the status of disability person, they have to pay at least 100 Gel for the doctor consultation and several examinations.

As a result, in most cases, Roma people cannot enjoy the benefits of the state social services, which is vitally important for them. Thus, it is not effective way to implement state programs for the socially vulnerable people, especially, for the Roma population. HRDF would recommend that government considers those problematic issues and revise the service provision methods and ways.

The project gave us opportunity to cover all necessary cost of our beneficiaries. Especially, for our young Roma beneficiary who obtained the disability status, received hearing aid device and now he can hear the world. HRDF would like to express gratitude to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi, Georgia for such important support concerning the Roma issues.

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