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Grounds to revoke the status of single parent have changed

On December 21, 2017 the Parliament of Georgia adopted the new law at the third hearing, which changed the grounds to revoke the single parent’s status. According to the previous edition of the legislative norm, a woman/man was losing the status of single parent in the moment of getting married regardless the fact the new spouse took responsibility to take care of his/her child or not. On May 25, 2015 the Public Defender submitted the legislative proposal to the Parliament of Georgia and requested amendment in this norm. According to his clarification, a parent shall lose the single parent’s status only after the information about the second parent or legal representative is included in the birth record of the child.


Based on the Parliament’s decision, the amendments will be introduced to the Article 1191 1 Part 4 of the Civil Code of Georgia and the single parent status shall be revoked when a note about the second parent is added to the birth act, or his/her child (adoptive child) reaches the age of 18. Other circumstances under the legislation of Georgia that rule out the possibility of having single parent status shall also be the grounds for revocation of the status.


76 MPs voted for the bill initiated by the Legal Committee of the Parliament; one MP was against. It is noteworthy that several months ago, a working group about the issues of the single parents was set up in the parliament, which is composed of the representatives of the legislative and executive authorities, Public Defender’s Office and NGOs. Human Rights Development Fund is active member of this group.


The HRDF hopes the committee will continue working on this issue and in near future other significant and positive changes will be initiated in favor of the single parents.

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