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Meeting with single parents in Kvakhvreli village

On November 10, Human Rights Development Fund organized a meeting with the single parents in Kvakhvreli village, Gori municipality.


The HRDF representatives informed the parents about their rights. The parents received comprehensive information about interesting and important issues.


As the conversation with the single parents revealed, their major problem is poverty. Although the fathers of the children are estimated, the women do not get any financial support from the fathers of their kids. Consequently, they have to cope with the problems alone.


Although the Gori municipality government periodically assists the single parents, the mothers
still hardly manage to buy fire-wood in winter. Besides that, they have problem of proper


Once again, the meeting with the single parents revealed that regardless the reason of their
singlehood, they all have equal social problems. Single parents do need support to empower
them to meet the challenges and grow up their children in good environment.

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