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Meetings with self-governments – how municipality authorities assist single parents

On July 14, Human Rights Development Fund organized a meeting with the representatives of the self-governmental bodies in the hotel Courtyard Marriot. Representatives of the social services of municipality administrations, Public Defender’s Office and HRDF beneficiary single parents participated in the meeting.


HRDF decided to organize the meeting after estimating that only 12 out of 25 municipality administrations assisted the single parents. Some of them had envisaged benefits and allowances in their local budgets only for single mothers.


HRDF believes it was useful to assist the municipality administrations to exchange the information and experiences about their good practices. The representatives of the local self-governments were active during the meeting. They spoke about the aid programs they implement in their respective municipalities and expressed readiness to create special programs for the single parents. Those, who already have similar programs, plan to fit the ongoing programs to the needs of single parents. Considering that, the Fund hopes the meeting will have positive outcome and in future more municipalities will assist single parents.


The HRDF has been implementing the project advocating the rights of the single parents since 2016, which covers 4 regions (Tbilisi, Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Imereti) and 25 municipalities in total.


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