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Being a single father is not a shame but very difficult

Yes, I am a single father and grow up two underage boys alone. I cannot say that it is an easy job; just the opposite, it is very difficult to take all responsibility but I am not ashamed of it at all.


I parted with the mother of my sons 6 years ago. We were not married officially; we just lived together and were growing up two sons. 6 years ago she went to work in Turkey and our conflict started then; she was not contacting us; did not see us when she was coming to Georgia. I worked in Batumi and could not take the children with me so I left them with my parents. However, two years later, my brother got married and the situation got complicated – my family sent my children out.


My former wife called her parents and asked them to take care of the children. I had no other solution – I could not even rent a flat and agreed with that option. However, I was sure nobody would take care of the children. Sometimes they stayed in the street till 1:00 am and nobody was calling them home. The boys were coming to my place after classes every Fridays; I washed their clothes and helped them with lessons.


One day I was called from the police. Having arrived there, I was told the grandmother had beaten my younger son with pan so that he had lost conscious; he hardly recovered. Police opened a criminal case against the grandmother. Of course, I could not leave my sons in that family. At that time, I worked in Batumi and turned up in awkward situation – I could neither leave them here nor take with me. Police officers told me they would send the children to orphanage but I could not agree with that. I stayed with the children, rented a flat and my sons live with me for 4 years already. In summer, when I have seasonal work in Batumi I go there together with my sons and we spend school vacations together.


In the beginning, my younger son had surname of my former wife. He was born in 2005 and his mother told me since we were not officially married the baby was to be registered with her surname. Later I found out there was not similar restriction. However, the mother of my former wife did not allow me to change the surname of my son but short time ago she agreed as they got already fed up with my sons.


After all these circumstances the sons do not want to hear about their mother. The elder is more generous and speaks with the mother more politely. But the younger gets irritated and demands her not to call again as he does not recognize her to be his mother.


The mother justifies her inattention to the children with the fact that children chose me and did not go with her. However, it was she, who abandoned the children and the boys had no other choice but live with me.


Because of my sons, I gave up many things in my life and tried to reunion with my former wife as I do not want the boys to grow up without mother but there is no way out – she does not want to return to the family and take care of sons.

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