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I do not care about public opinion… I have right to have a child

When I learned about my pregnancy, I had to fight much not to stay alone. People were saying it will be difficult to grow up a child alone; that people will start speaking about me and suggested to leave the baby somewhere. Luckily my child was the most precious for my parents.


After delivery, I was depressed for a long time. I used to grab my child and crying with him. I avoided contact with people though nobody made me feeling awkward. I think I myself had more expectation that people will blow me up than it really happened; nobody ever asked me why I was a single mother.


Initially I tried to create such environment for my child where he could communicate only with the kids without fathers. I was afraid he would ask me awkward questions, which I could not answer. But one day, still a baby, he asked me – when will my father come? The family looked at me in surprise – where he had heard about it?


I do not care what people will say. I am a woman and have right to have a child. The most important task for me is to create adequate environment for the personal development of my child. I am not asking anything special but sometimes I cannot even buy very elementary things for him. He is very clever and never protests my refusals. When I tell him that I cannot buy something because we do not have money, he does not complain. But I know that he worries about it and I do not want him to be sad. I am afraid he may get isolated…


I often tell him that he must study well because I cannot pay his tuition fee in the university. But good education does not mean everything…

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