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Girls, learn more about your rights!

Sometimes, people are sure they will never face certain problems in their lives but it is not true. Years ago, I could not imagine that I will have to go through it. For that reason, my situation was particularly unpleasant and painful for me. Having arrived in Gurjaani to study, I met a married man. He psychologically oppressed and blackmailed me to have relationship with him. I even applied to the district police inspector for help but in vain. The inspector just went to his house and warned him to stay away from me. 1-2 months later he continued my intimidation. I realized it was useless to speak about this problem with anybody. On the one hand I was ashamed and on the other hand everything was useless and nobody was doing anything to help me.


…when I learned that I was pregnant, he said I will deliver the child and he would take care of him. The child is already 1.5 years old and the father has never appeared. The name of the father is not written in the birth certificate. So, we live with single mother’s pension and social allowance; we permanently take debts.


I know many girls who hide their problems because they are hopeless and know that nobody will help them. But do you know what is the worst thing?! The parents do not teach their daughters the rights. Instead they permanently say that the woman shall obey. The most important for the parents is that people did not speak about their daughters and do not care how their daughters feel about it. For that reason, during the conflicts in families, the parents tell the daughters to stand the problem and stay with their husbands. However, they should explain them their rights and the ways how to resist the violator.


I wish there were some trainings for the girls, where they will get information about their rights. Afterwards, it will be easier for them to escape the violence, they will become stronger and will not care about the public opinion.


Initially I though the same; I cared about public opinion. But now I understand that it is not important. In the beginning my mother did not want me to deliver the child … but now she loves her very much. Today, we are both very happy with my daughter.


Maria M

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