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Support Stateless Roma population in Georgia

Human Rights Development Fund, in partnership with the nongovernmental organization NESEHNUTÍ, with financial support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Georgia, is implementing the project Support Stateless Roma population in Georgia. The project aims to assist the representatives of the Roma community to legally live in Georgia and …

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Advocating the rights of the Single Parents

Human Rights Development Fund implements the project “Advocating the rights of the single parents” supported by the Dutch MFA. The goal of the project is to raise capacity of the single parents (especially single women) how to protect their own rights, to equip them with advocacy tools and support to …

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Single parents

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs a. (A) .i.p. “Human Rights Development Fund” is implementing the project – “single parent advocacy”, which aims to single parents (especially single mothers) to strengthen the skills of their rights to participate in the process of advocacy and legislative gaps. The project refers to …

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