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Silence will not resolve problems

I want to address those people, who thinks it is easy to grow up a child alone and thinks that it is romanticizing to call a hero to a single parent. Yes, we are heroes!   Why? Because being a single parent means that you are in conflict with anybody …

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Girls, learn more about your rights!

Sometimes, people are sure they will never face certain problems in their lives but it is not true. Years ago, I could not imagine that I will have to go through it. For that reason, my situation was particularly unpleasant and painful for me. Having arrived in Gurjaani to study, …

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My friend Lia unrecognized State of single motherhood

My friend Lia (name) is a single mom. Mother still is and still single. Quite simply, the youngest child in the adult. Lia around a single mother – some of which have special status, some are stateless. Lia no status and a single mom. He did not recognize the single …

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