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How to create social enterprise – training for single parents


Human Rights Development Fund continues working on the empowerment of single parents. For this purpose, on December 11-12, the HRDF conducted the training especially for the single parents.


During the two-day training the single parents received detailed information about the social enterprise– what is the social enterprise, what is the difference between the social enterprise and ordinary business enterprise, how to establish it and what to do for its successful operation. The HRDF beneficiaries implemented several practical tasks and made presentations. The second part of the seminar was dedicated to the generation, discussion of their ideas, and drafting mini projects.


Each of them had individual vision and idea about concrete social enterprise and what was the purpose of the enterprises. The training allowed the single parents to clearly define their goals and design action plan correctly.


The founder of the EMT (Education and Management Center) Pavle Tvaliashvili led the two-day training for the single parents.

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