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Meeting with the single parents in Dedoplistskaro

On November 17, HRDF representatives visited Dedopistskaro municipality and met single
parents. It is noteworthy that by June 2017 data, 57 single mothers live in the municipality.


Although the Dedoplistskaro municipality government assists the single parents with communal bills, they still have many problems unresolved. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that they do not have full information about their rights and are not aware how to behave in concrete situations.


HRDF representatives met the employees of the Dedoplistskaro municipality social service unit.
They clarified that support of single parents will be one of the priorities when planning the next
year budget. The Fund welcomes the readiness of the administration to assist the single parents,
because the parents with underage children often cannot leave their kids with anybody and get

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