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Legal State of Single Parents in Georgia

The present research reviews the significant issues identified as a result of the analysis of the practice and legislative basis, which will assist us to analyze the legal status of the single parents in Georgia. At the same time, the research will present comparative analysis of the abovementioned issues in comparison with the practices of foreign countries, based on which the recommendations for the elimination of legislative miscarriages and for the improvement and accomplishment of the current practice in Georgia were elaborated.


The European Convention about the Legal Status of the Children Born out of Wedlock1 regulates the issues related with the children of unmarried parents. However, in Georgia, nobody has ever expressed particular interest towards the children holding this status and the current problems are not completely surveyed; social-economic state of these children is urgent issue because the difficulties originated from these problems may negatively impact the future of the state.


The findings of the present research showed that identification of the circle of the persons seeking the status is still problematic that is clearly related with the criteria estimated for the granting of status. Thus, it is impossible to estimate real number of the single parents in the country. Collection of the data, which is direct function of the State Services Development Agency, is still faulty process. Consequently the figures provided by the Agency are not clear and cannot deliver the real picture. Another problem of the single parents is lack of special legal and social guarantees, which could assist them to grow up their child(ren) better and to find their place in the society. Although some municipalities envisage benefits/allowances for the single parents, due to absence of legislative regulations, there is no common practice in Georgia and every single parent cannot get allowances.


The Report about Legal State of Single Parents in Georgia see on this link

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