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Together for Peace

The world has been marking the International Day of Peace for 36 years already. UN General Assembly established the day in 1981 and since then the world is coming together to support equality and safety. This year the main theme of the World Peace Day is right to safety, particularly for refugees and migrants. Today, the World will again try to declare their support to them.


Unfortunately, the humanity still fails to achieve the moment when military operations will not be ongoing in several sports of the world. Georgia has overcome several wars – more than 250 000 persons have been displaced within the territory of the country. Their houses were either destroyed or they had to abandon them due to personal safety. Population of the so-called ABL villages still have their right to safety breached because every day they are afraid to be kidnapped. In accordance to the 2016 Report of the Public Defender of Georgia, 2 404 persons were arrested alongside the occupation line in 2011-2016. Among them 21 were minors and 32 women. In addition to that, many of them were deprived of the most precious – human relationships because the “borders” set up by Russian soldiers disable them to see their relatives and family members. The cemeteries of their ancestors are now on the other side of the so-called border, where they traditionally used to go several times per year.


War crimes committed against humanity – Prosecutor Fatou Bensuda is investigating the case under similar classification upon authorization of the pretrial chamber of the International Criminal Court. The investigation deals with the 2008 August War and covers two main directions – killings of ethnic Georgians, persecution and devastation/looting of their properties by the South Ossetian forces with alleged participation of Russian forces; also purposeful attacks on Georgian peacekeepers by South Ossetian forces and on Russian soldiers by Georgian forces.


Human Rights Development Fund is looking forward to the results of the investigation and hopes the war criminals will be punished, the victims will receive adequate compensation. Until the investigation is over, the HRDF calls on all parties of the conflict to respect human rights, safety and personal dignity.


War and conflict mostly affects the children, the most vulnerable part of the society. They should have possibility to get proper education and live in safe country. They deserve life in peaceful country, in the peaceful world.


Together for Peace!

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